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Content marketing

Content Marketing has recently become trendy, but it is not the trendiness we build on, but because it is necessary to build ranges and positive intimate relationships with customers of our Partners. We focus on quality, our ranks are supplied by experienced editors and journalists, and all content created is based on a thorough analysis of big data. Why can’t you no longer do without content marketing in the business digitization?

Traditional marketing vs. content marketing - the first one focuses on one-sided message, while content marketing aims at interaction, sharing knowledge and building customer confidence. Therefore, the CM in practice requires long planning and brings benefits (branding and sales) only after a longer period of time.
Why wait? Is not the faster effect actually better? Not in content marketing. Here the effect is to be the best possible, not the fastest. This is ensured by a long-term strategy developed in connection with data analysis. We analyze everything: current communication, needs of customers, competitors' activities, employed media as well as themes and SEO.
Concrete – this is what we are looking for. The right message has to reach the right recipient. With tools for monitoring the Internet and Google Analytics, we know the target group’s behaviour. What tabs they open or what content interests them - we know the needs of the website’s visitor, which in turn allows us to create the content substantively and stylistically matched to the target.v
Quality is our key objective. It does not matter whether we are making a newsletter or writing a comprehensive e-book; we always assume that the recipient on the other side is demanding and sensitive to “trading water” or content that is only a badly disguised advertisement. A modern smart-user wants a real, unique message, or reliable expert advice. And this is what we deliver to him.
With the analytical approach to content marketing, we are able to determine activities of the brand so far and the degree of their effectiveness. Is it bad? We propose new solutions. Driven by specifics, we change data into business!


Multilevel web analytics

Multi-level, conducted on a long-term basis web analytics is a key step in building a digitization strategy for the business of our Partners. Thanks to it we meet the current and potential customers, we learn what and where they look for on the Internet, but we also ask ourselves - why they do it. With this knowledge we can always be one step ahead of them and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Who are the recipients on the other side of the computer? What kind of content are they interested in? What draws their attention, or vice versa? Multi-level web analytics studies in detail, among others, sources of traffic to your site, click streams and competitors' activities. On this basis it is possible to establish current consumer trends and the product life cycle.
"Which tab did the user click on your website?" The answer to just this question will not satisfy an analyst acting on many levels. Important for him is why the user did so and what he was looking for. This will allow you to discover the analysis of the user's behavior, including the order in which visited tabs on the site and which page elements caught his eye, or what he did not notice. We know the tools that may help you keep track of it.
In our work we follow the principles of Evolutionary site redesign, or gradual, distributed over time changes on the website. It is the result of multi-level web analytics. Why is it so important? Sudden and thorough reconstruction of the site could confuse the user, and even discourage him from visiting the site. To prevent this, we recommend changing small elements and introducing them gradually, but often. We cut down to a minimum limit costs associated with launching a completely new, but unprofitable (non-converting) website. With evolutionary site redesign, if you deem it necessary to undo the changes, you can easily return to the previous state. The company economizes and does not take a big risk, while we will keep investigating the effects of our work.
Web analytics is not a new phenomenon - it has been long since the beginnings of measuring data related to the number and quality of site visits. What has changed is the processing of this information. Multi-level web analytics overlaps on one another a few, or even a dozen different data items. Thus, we gain a complete picture of who are clients are and what they are looking for. And these requirements we are able to meet.


Marketing technologies

Employing marketing technologies for purposes of business digitization is the key to success. The question is thus not whether they should be used, but which ones and to what extent. As one of the first companies on the Polish market we have learned to select from thousands of possibilities offered globally (and growing in numbers from year to year) the most appropriate ones for our Partners. What is the practical result of using marketing technologies?

We gain new customers - we use technology and tools to generate leads (potential customers, individuals, and companies) who meet requirements of the so-called ideal customer. Thus, we make the company's offer reach only these people who are genuinely interested and we do not waste time or resources.
We build long-term relationship with customers using CRM (customer relationship management) systems and Marketing Automation systems. These are programs for customer relationship management that allow, among others, to identify key customers and boost their satisfaction. We engage in an individual approach to each of them, thus building a valuable relationship based on loyalty.
Personalization is the future of marketing technologies, which is why we focus on tools for analysis and optimization of Big Data. Data-driven marketing combined with the right strategy enables our Partners to make business decisions. The most appropriate decisions, that is.
We reach the customer whatever his location is, thanks to mobile technologies and applications. We focus on real-time marketing. We monitor current events and the behavior of customers to give them exactly what they are looking for. Here and now.


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