What counts above all in our company is the experience and passion. We are looking for both experienced professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, but we are also eager to work with people interested in new technologies and ready to build brand marketing strategies on the Internet..

Below we present a brief guide to the recruitment process in The Nets.

    Choose among job advertisements the one that interests you. Then adjust your resume to the specific advertisement you are responding to. Pay attention to the duties and requirements of the employer. Highlight your experience, knowledge and education in your preferred position. Make sure that your application documents are clear and that the content layout is logical.
    The next step after selecting a suitable job is on-line application. You can send your application by completing the application form, placed below the job offer.
    The first contact with the candidate takes the form of a phone call. After finding a suitable date for you, a representative of the HR department will contact you to clarify information from your CV. You can expect questions regarding your experience, motivation to work in our company and financial expectations.
    The position for which we are recruiting largely dictates the employed recruitment methods.
    Mostly, however, in the first phase of recruitment, candidates are invited to a meeting with a recruiter, during which we interviewe the candidate`s competence. A person who scores positively during the first recruitment interview is invited to the second stage, during which he or she performs a series of exercises or an assignment he or she was sent beforehand. This allows us to check practical skills of the candidate. Evaluated are specific skills, creativity, innovative approach, reliability and ease of troubleshooting. The final stage of recruitment is the candidate's meeting with the company owner. After this stage of recruitment we make a decision whether to hire the candidate.
    After completing all stages of recruitment, we will offer you a job. At this stage, we are clarifying the details of employment, including financial conditions, type of contract and start date.